Historical information

In 1936, the ‘Moorabbin News’ published Headmaster C.C. Thorold’s Speech Night address. Thorold delighted in the return to Mentone, for the fourth occasion after an absence of five years of the cosseted Graphite Cup for Combined Athletic Sport. To honour particular effort in the Championships, Thorold awarded this Athletics Cup to student Keith Weatherly, as “the mainstay of the athletics team that year. Not only did he coach the team assiduously, but he bore the brunt of the work on the day of the sports by winning 6 of the 7 senior events and by establishing 4 new records”. The Cup was inscribed with Keith’s name and the words ‘Victor Ludorum’ – Sportsman of the Year.

Inscriptions & markings

K. Weatherley ‘Victor Ludorum’