Mentone Grammar is an independent, Anglican co-educational grammar school in Mentone, a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. The School was founded in 1923. Our archival collections recall inspirational founders, board members, headteachers and teachers who influenced learning in ever-evolving classrooms, halls and library buildings, and the ever-emerging technologies– all were of their time. The collections feature generations of students in all their achievements small and big; they tell stories of the camaraderie of the Mentone Cadet Unit, the teamwork and sportsmanship on the sports field, in the swimming pool, on courts and track, achievements in music, and the performing arts; they hold artworks, gifted and produced by and for generations of Mentonians.

The School’s Archives are a treasure-trove of records and memories of our heritage. Dating back to 1923, we hold trophies, awards, prizes, uniforms, journals, photographs, videos, books and artifacts. Our collection is a living archive from which we draw regularly. Each item enriches the lender or viewer anew as each year passes and new generations of Mentonians add their contributions.