Historical information

The back pack and webbing was the infantry soldiers 'house on feet'; whilst on patrol, he carried all that was required for days/weeks at a time with some re-supplies during the course of time sometimes; it was common practice to slide into the backpack whilst prone on the ground and then slowly turn and rise to standing as the most convenient of loading up.


Despite the effort required to patrol long distances with a heavy load, many soldiers had a close affinity with the backpack and webbing as it provided him with comefort and necessities during an Operation.

Physical description

Standard issue of infantry back pack and webbing kit for carrying of day-to-day needs whist on patrol or other duties. Contents included, but not limited to (and In no particular order): food, clothing, cooking utensils, water, spare ammunition, arms, maintenance tools, hootchie/mosquito net, personal items, machete; six pieces in total.

Inscriptions & markings

Pic 01: Backpack Front
Pic 02: Backpack Rear
Pic 03: Belt with full compliments: ammunition pouch x 2, water bottle x 2, bumpack x 1
Pic 04: Bumpack in isolation