Historical information

Ian McKendrick was secretary of the Mt Beauty Football Club on 8th Aug. 1974. He compiled important papers re the club's history and stored them in an envelope for future reference and preservation with the idea of each secretary passing the envelope on to the next secretary.


Mt Beauty football club was formed at a meeting on 19th Sept. 1974 attended by Bogong Tawonga Football club when the club changed its name. The Mt Beauty football club has since amalgamated with the Dederang football club. List of footballers in 1975 is helpful for researching local families living in the Kiewa Valley.

Physical description

An envelope titled 'Notice to Secretary' and 'List of Documents'. Enclosed 15 pages comprising of 1. Newspaper cuttings, 2.Typed pages with the title - 'Recreation Reserve pavilion - Mt Beauty', 3. Typed page title 'Mt Beauty Recreation Reserve Drainage', 4. Plan of Mt Beauty Recreation Reserve pavilion sketch 1975, 5. Handwrittten page title re P. O'Brien Years of Association 1950 - 1974 and names of teams on the back.. There is more than one copy of some pages. 1970s