Historical information

Cattle grazing. In the 1990s government departments allocated the number of cattle being taken up to the Bogong High Plains by the families who traditionally leased land there.


Cattle grazing had been banned in other Alpine areas due to concerns of their impact on the environment. Kiewa Valley cattle graziers were caught up in the controversy as it was their tradition dating back to the 1840s. This controversy continues as cattle grazing was banned in 2005.

Physical description

4 pages with black print:
1. 1989/90 Cattle Grazing Allocation and Dept. of Conservation Forests and Lands, Wodonga.
2. Proposed Future Stock Allocations 1991/92 list of 16 families
3. & 4. List of families, ear marks, brands etc. dated 22nd Feb. 1979 stapled together

Inscriptions & markings

ex S.C.A. / Benalla / Received 22nd Feb. 1979 / signed