Historical information

The State College of Victoria Ballarat was formerly the Ballarat Teachers' College. In 1976 it moved from its Gillies Street location to the Mount Helen Campus, now a campus of Federation University Australia.

Denise (Walshy) Walsh
1974-1976 Lecturer, Dept of Studies in Teaching, SCVB
1976-1979 Head, Educational Technology Unit
I came to the College bringing the lessons I had learned in 20 years (1954-1974) of teaching secondary school students and their parents in the challenging environment of country schools and parishes.
Initially part-time, I found the dedication and competence of the staff and their concern for the professional formation and general well-being of students and colleagues to be inspiring. Similar concern and active acceptance extended to me and I wondered – I think we all did – if these qualities were transferable to the ‘dreaded’ Mt Helen.
Later, I was invited to upgrade my academic qualifications by applying for the gradually decreasing but still generous study leave that was available. It was granted and I was accepted into the Master’s Program in Educational Technology at Concordia University, Montreal.
The staff who generously extended their loads to cover for my absence amazed me. Their support showed that, in truth, the spirit of Gillies Street had indeed ‘moved over.’
More than in any other place that I have worked, all of the staff – including teaching, research, support, service, outside staff, both central and faculty – worked as one by providing mutual service and care in the spirit of a great and long-standing educational institution.

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State Council of Victoria at Ballarat (SCVB) 30 Year Reunion Booklet and Signatures.