Historical information

Sandringham was originally part of the Shire of Moorabbin. On 28 February 1917, Sandringham was severed from Moorabbin and incorporated as the Borough of Sandringham. It was proclaimed a Town on 9 April 1919 and a City on 21 March 1923. This compilation marks the Jubilee year of the City of Sandringham.

Physical description

Compilation of 10 black and white photographs. Rectangular photograph of Sandringham Municipal Office in centre surrounded by portraits of Councillors. Clockwise from top centre: Cr. Lesley Falloon, Mayor, North Ward; Cr. Paul Gundry-White, North Ward; Cr. Pauline Reynolds, Central Ward; Cr. Jim Bissett, Central Ward; Cr. Michael Harwood, Central Ward; Cr. Clem Waters, South Ward; Cr. Laurence Bottomley, South Ward; Cr. John Merkus, South Ward; Cr. Carmen Watson, North Ward.