Physical description

dark and light grey softcover book Whitcombe's New Federal Mathematics Grade VII with decorated scroll pattern at the top with information and publisher details written in black type on the front cover. Lance Sebire Wandin Yallock is handwritten in ink at the top. Within are diagrams, charts, tables, tests, exercises, rules, processes and explanations of procedures of mathematics. The methods follow actual trade and business where possible. Inside and outside the back cover are listed further Whitcombe's and Tomb publications. The book is quite damaged and shows it was well used. 128p.

Publication type



This is a New Federal Mathematics book for Grades VII students specially written to meet the requirements of the Revised Victorian Course of Study in Elementary Schools - it has charts, tables, symbols, diagrams, tests, explanations of processes and where possible the methods follow actual trade and business are taught practically. A special feature is the short methods and common sense approximations, including rough estimates. Sets of short problems are included.