Historical information

The outbreak of Coronavirus COVID-19 in Melbourne in 2020 resulted in changed behaviours by the population. These changes included, at least in Kew, the placing of teddy bears in windows. In the final months of 2020, an easing of restrictions allowed members of the Kew Historical Society to meet face-to-face, including during the annual Christmas Dinner, on this occasion at the Greenacres Golf Club. At the event a decorated mask competition was held. Individual masks were donated by a number of attendees for the collection.

Physical description

A series of hand-made and adapted commercial masks worn during the COVID-19 pandemic in Melbourne at the annual Xmas Party of the Kew Historical Society. Attendees were advised that an award would be made to the creator/wearer of the best decorated mask. This was won by Jan Walker the owner of the pink patterned fabric beaded mask. The makers of each mask is identified in the Media Reuse credit underneath the image.