Physical description

Small blue hardcover children's book - The Treasure on the Beach and what it did for Gilbert West by M.A.P. The front cover has a black floral design which continues onto the spine and the back, with the title surrounded in gold boxes and the word, Illustrated, in gold lettering underneath. On the back is a symbol for the publisher Sunday School Union. Black and white illustrations throughout with one on the frontispiece of Gilbert West on the beach. Black and white illumination style lettering is used for the first word of each new chapter. Tissue paper covers the title page. 107p.

Publication type


Inscriptions & markings

Copperplate writing in black ink - Presented to Alfred Sebire by the United Methodist Sabbath School Wandin Yallock March 31st 1883 - Tho's Hogg Superintendent


A young boy finds what he thinks is treasure when he walks along the beach near his home. The story has religious themes and depicts family life in England in the late 1800's