Physical description

Blue cloth covered hardcover Children's book with the title in gold lettering, Gentleman Jackson by H. Frederick Charles. A gold, black and red illustration is featured on the front cover of a man saving a young boy from a house on fire by lowering him in a knotted sheet. The spine has the title, a picture of a boy holding a book and the initials RTS in gold. Black and white illustrations are throughout with the same front cover one at the frontispiece opposite the title page. There is a tissue paper page protecting it. 255p. At the back are 16 pages of The Religious Tract Society's List of Books for Presentation. 255p.

Publication type



A story of a young boy Ned and his difficult life growing up in England in the late 1800's with a drunken father and mother who dies. He is a kind boy and becomes a young man who does good deeds for many people. Religious themes throughout.