Historical information

At a public meeting in January 1917 the residents of the Shire of Moorabbin decided to appeal for funds for the purpose of erecting a memorial to the memory of the late Councillor William George Burgess, who died on 29 November 1916. The committee that was formed to oversee this project described Mr Burgess and his accomplishments:
“Mr Burgess served the Shire of Moorabbin in the that capacity faithfully and will for upwards of 35 years. Mr Burgess was a resident of the shire since early boyhood and all through life either initiated or identified himself closely with every movement for the advancement of the district. The acquisition of the Bentleigh Reserve is evidence of his untiring energy and zeal, and it is now proposed to erect a brick pavilion thereon as a monument to the memory of one who had striven to leave the world, and the district in which he resided, a little better than he found it.”

The “Burgess Memorial Pavilion” was opened on 13 October 1917. The pavilion was built of brick, with tiled roof, containing two rooms, one 12ft x17ft, the other 12ft x 9ft, a spacious verandah, supported by brick pillars was provided on two sides of the building.

Unfortunately the Burgess Pavilion burnt down in June 1928.


William Burgess was a Councillor for the Shire of Moorabbin for over 35 years, during which he was the President for five terms. William was a market gardener in Mackay Road, Bentleigh. His family settled in the district in 1855.

Physical description

Two paper documents: One a copy of a resolution re the opening of a bank account ; two a letter from the Southern Cross Press which accompanied a donation for the Burgess Memorial Fund