Physical description

.1 Board of five medals and ribbons, one bronze type 6 pointed star 1939-45, one bronze type 6 pointed star the pacific star. One round silver medal 1939-45 defence medal, King George VI on face, English Coat of Arms on reverse. One round silver medal, King George on face, 1939-45 lion above dragon on reverse. One round silver medal King George VI on face, 1939-45, Aus Service medal, Aust Coat of Arms on reverse.|.2 Two small enclosed V shaped badge with crown anchor and sunburst, with returned from active service written on the V, with two mounting pins on rear.|.3 Small badge white enamel background with circle in centre. Returned Servicemans Badge; No 58 at head of medal. Two mounting pins on rear.|ALSO RECEIVED WITH DONATION: Cert No 193800; Certificate of discharge from Aust military forces, for VX25837; Dated 4/10/1945|Sgt Jack Eric Town; 2/11 Aust Field Regiment; R.A.A.|Photograph of head and shoulders of soldier, hand tinted photo, soldier in uniform, with slouch hat and chin strap, sunburst lapel badged, and Aust badge on epaulets, colour patch on shoulder.