Historical information

Issued to Defence personnel for service during world war I and II

Physical description

1. Green felt covered board with 6 medals to the Father Boleslas Slaweski (Staff Sgt ,Warrant Officer)and Son Bernard Bruce Slaweski and son
2 1914 -1915 star Bronze medal with 4 stars with crown on top star, ribbon has red white and blue colours merged at edges. Medal has crossed swords and laurel wreath Engraved on rear 7637 S/Sgt B Slaweski 1/6 Hosp. A. I. F.
3 British War medal circular medal of Silver Words on obverse GEORGIUS V BRITT OMN REX ET IND EMP AROUND THE HEAD OF KING GEORGE V Reverse has a figure of St. George mounted on a horse with a short sword in one hand, the other raised in victory. The horse tramples on the figures of death the Prussian eagle and skull and crossbones in the background are ocean waves The years 1914 1918 are embossed on the sides Around the edge is 7637 W O 1 B Slaweski A.M.C. A.I.F. Ribbon is dark blue, black, white,orange, white, black and dark blue
3. Victory medal Bronze medal with winged victory figure on obverse with The great war fro civilisation 1914 1918 non the reverse Ribbon is watered from a central red stripe through yellow green blue and purple
4 War medal 1939- 1945 Medal is round cupro nickel obverse shows head of King George 6th with circular inscription G.B>R> REXETINDIAE IMP GEORGIVS VI Reverse has a lion standing on a dragon the top shows the dates 1939- 1945 Ribbon is narrow red central strip with radiating stripes of white (narrow) and blue and red|5 Australian Service medal 1939 - 1945 Nickel silver medal with crowned effigy of King George VI on the obverse Reverse has Australian Coat of Arms placed centrally surrounded by the words The Australian Service Medal 1939- 1945 Ribbon has wide Khaki central stripe flanked by two narrow red stripes and one of dark blue (navy) and one of light blue. (Air Force)|6. Australian Service medal 1945 -1975 Reverse has Federation star with name B B Slaweski R 38254 Ribbon Central yellow stripe with green flanked by navy blue Khaki and light blue stripes Medal has clasps PNG and FESR (Far East Strategic Reserve)|7 Small Clasps (For miniature medals )PNG and FESR Photo on back of Board Father and son Slaweski
8 Letter 2/2/1999 addressed to Mitcham RSL with details of Boreslas and Kevin Slaweski.
9 Letter dated 11/2/1999 to Mitcham RSL regarding PNG clasp.

Inscriptions & markings

B Slaweski B B Slaweski