Historical information

In one place in records Pat Faggetter is credited with the donation of this item. It would appear that Pat picked it up from Mrs Coldrey so I have credited Mrs Coldrey as the donor. See also page 10 of green folder. (Ted Arrowsmith)

Physical description

OTICISCOPE An early slide projector. Large, black square unit with chrome parts. Bellows to assist in focus can be slid up to 26cm. On the end of the bellows is screwed a further adjustable lens (8.5cm diam by 11cm long). The body of the unit can be tilted to focus on the screen. This lens is endorsed '8 inch (26cm) high focus Aldus UNO Projector Lens'.This lens and a lamp is stored inside the projector. The projection lamp is an Osram (balloon shaped) patent registered 260 volt Gas Filled 500 watt 51. Made in England. Screw fitting .Power supply is by early English type two pin plug with a toggle switch on left side.

Inscriptions & markings

Ensign Optiscope No. 6 - Made in Britain - Ensign Ltd - London.