Historical information

This object is part of the Wilfred Clarence Busse Collection. Wilfred Clarence Busse was born in Chiltern, Victoria in 1898. His family first arrived in this region during the gold rush era, purchasing a piece of land adjacent to the Murray River.

The spectacular scenery and rich history of the area is said to have inspired Busse in his writing.

He attended Wesley College in his school days, before going on to study law at the University of Melbourne.

After graduating from university, Busse would go on to become a barrister, but he is best known as a writer of fiction, publishing two novels: 'The Blue Beyond: A Romance of the Early Days in South Eastern Australia' and 'The Golden Plague: A Romance in the Early Fifties'.

Busse died in 1960.


This object is significant as it is associated with Wilfred Clarence Busse, a successful writer and barrister who was born in Chiltern, Victoria.

Physical description

A small fan with a metal base and three brown blades protruding upwards; possibly only partially complete.