Historical information

This certificate, drawn in a very elegant hand, contains the biographical information of Wilfred Busse. It is assumed to be a funeral or memorial card. Born in Chiltern in 1898, Wilfred Clarence Busse was educted at Wesley College and then the University of Melbourne. He became a barrister and through his time at the University of Melbourne studied with future Chief Justice and Governor of Victoria Sir Henry Arthur Winneke (1908–1985), as well as spending time in the chanbers of Sir Leo Finn Bernard Cussen (1859-1933), who was a judge of the Supreme Court of Victoria.

Busse also wrote two novels, 'The Blue Beyond' and 'The Golden Plague'. In 1931, 'The Golden Plague' was awarded the T. E. Rofe gold medal by the Henry Lawson Literary Society for its ''its vivid scenes of the Ovens River [gold] rushes, in the early [eighteen] fifties".

Physical description

Ivory rectangular certificate with rounded corners made of thick paper with inked writing and two small photographs mounted

Inscriptions & markings

Wilfred Clarence Busse/
1898 – 1960 /
Barrister and Author /
Born in Chiltern. Educated at Melbourne /
University. Studied Law with former Governor /
of Victoria Sir Henry Winneke. In 1928 /
published his first novel, “The Blue Beyond”. /
In 1930 published “The Golden Plague” for /
Which he was awarded the Henry Lawson /
Literary Society’s Gold Medal. /
Wilfred Busse was a member of the Chiltern /
Athenaeum. He valued the historical works /
In the library. /