Historical information

A boy of about ten years of age sits on the end of a fallen tree, which is resting in a natural pool in bushland. He is holding a stick gazing into the pool waters. He appears to be dressed in a schoolboy's uniform with close fitting short peaked cap, dark scarf or long sleeved jumper with polo neck and what appears to be a logo on the left breast, the ends of the sleeves turned over, dark shorts and dark long socks with ankle height lace up leather boots. The pool is located on the Eltham Road to Greensborough (present day Sherbourne, Karingal and St Helena roads) and is possibly part of the Karingal Yalloc somewhere near present day Ramptons Road Reserve.

This glass plate negative was used to manufacture postcards (1:1 printing) for commercial sale by the Rose Sterograph Company and its subsidiaries.

George Rose founded the Rose Stereograph Company in 1880 and was joined by Herbert (Bert) Cutts in the early 20th Century. The pair formed a lifetime working partnership and strong personal friendship. Assisted by George’s two sons, Herbert George and Walter, and later by Neil Cutts, the Rose Stereograph Company continued its operations for more than 140 years.

The company was initially built on stereographs, but as cinema took over and stereographs fell out of fashion, the Rose Stereograph Company developed Australia’s first commercially viable photographic postcard business. Specialising in postcards of iconic historical moments and significant landmarks, The Rose Stereograph Company became a staple of the Australian travel industry.


This remarkable collection of glass plate negatives, transparencies, and postcards – arguably Australia’s most significant photography collection outside of public hands – has been passed down through the generations, surviving war, relocation, and the harsh Victorian climate. The historic Rose Stereograph collection is the culmination of George Rose’s dream of capturing and preserving precious moments in time and remains the legacy of the Rose and Cutts families.

It is with great sadness that the Cutts family says goodbye to a collection that spans five generations and 140 years. The Cutts family understands that for these historically important pieces to rest with one family is to deny others the pleasure of their custodianship.

Physical description

Glass Plate Negative Size: 9 x 14 cm

Inscriptions & markings

A Pool, Eltham Road, Greensborough