Historical information

Mt Beauty & District Progress Association was formed when people of the Kiewa works system was to become a rate paying society no longer dependent on the State Electricity Commission of Victoria. 30 community members met on 4th December 1957 to form the new organisation.


Mt Beauty and District Progress Association represented, protected and guided the community in arrangements for the future. The Association became more than a Chamber of Commerce. It represented a wide range of interests, a strong voluntary labor force largely responsible for the development of many of the on-going organisations It encompassed and set a strong program for tourism seen as being the security guarantee of the future. This was realised when Mt Beauty won The Victorian Premier Town contest in 1958.

Physical description

Thick brown cardboard cover with two steel rings for all 10 Appendix pages attached. The first section is not attached but inserted. This section with its own brown cardboard cover and bound by steel attachment, consists of the Application from the Mt Beauty & District Progress Association, July 1958 totalling 50 pages.The appendixes are labelled by number and have the relevant document(s) inside eg. maps