Historical information

The Athletics Club (began April 1951) under the guidance of a committee of workers which included Mr Stan Hemmings and Mr Alex McCullough,sponsored a Junior Athletics Club which became the Gra-Y Club (in August 1951) for young boys and Hy-Y for older lads. Mr A. E. Clark (YMCA) had the idea of adopting the American Gra-Y system which was to instil in boys good principals and values similar to those of the service clubs ie. YMCA, the Masons and Buffalo Lodge. Story has it that the town was virtually crime free for many years. The Athletics Club became a very powerful force in Mt Beauty and assisted other fledging groups to get started. The committee had the bright idea that they could raise money and entertain the men who lived in the out-lying camps by running sporting exhibitions by their members and the Gra-y boys for entertainment.


Mt Beauty was a SECV construction town at the end of the Kiewa valley. Its remoteness encouraged the community to create clubs for recreation for all age groups so that those involved would be purposefully engaged. The Gra-Y club achieved this for 4.5 year olds to 12 year olds and included a junior group and a senior group.

Physical description

Manila folder, foolscap size, with seven pages held by four staples at the spine. The pages are lined horizontally and vertically with boys names listed vertically on the left and dates, across the top, recording the boys attendance. See also KVHS 0773, KVHS 1291

Inscriptions & markings

Pages recorded in either pencil or ink