Historical information

This small cream can was made by the Sydney firm of Malleys Ltd from the 1930s until the 1950s and came in various sizes.
Malleys Ltd was established in about 1890 by Francis Malley (1863-1932). This firm was located in the Sydney suburb of Alexandria, in McEvoy Street. They manufactured items for use in the dairy industry, as well as for hardware related to building and plumbing. Many of the Malley dairy products were sold under the "Sunrise" name. Malley retired in 1912. In 1931 there were branches at Parramatta, Hurstville & North Sydney.


This cream can was designed for domestic home use and was used to fetch cream from a dairy or retailer of dairy products between 1920 to 1950s. M Luscombe Diamond Creek on the name plate suggests this is the farm dairy that supplied the cream the can would hold and that they were the owners of the can. This dairy no longer exists as the area is now a housing estate.

Physical description

Small cream can

Inscriptions & markings

Malleys in raised letters on the side, name plate M Luscombe Diamond Creek soldered onto front.