Historical information

From the home of Mr and Mrs Parker. belonged to Mr Parker senior.

Physical description

Ornate carved dark timber mantle pendulum clock with brass clock face surround. Has a white dial with black roman numerals and black metal hands. The Ansonia Clock Co. Manufacturers USA Trademark A is printed on the face. It has an ornate brass pendulum and the internal workings are visible. The very ornately embossed in gold decorated glass front opens. There are two spirit plumb levels inside, one is aluminium metal and is attached to the wall, the other is brass with Wm Hunt Level Co with a triangle on top stamped on it. There is a brass key No.7 with two holes on the top of the winder handle.

Inscriptions & markings

The Ansonia Clock Co. Manufacturers USA Trademark A. printed on the dial. Wm Hunt Level Co. stamped on the level.