Historical information

Carl Hermann Nier in 1877 a silverware maker started to produce miners lamps and household lanterns in Beierfeld, Saxonia, East Germany. In January 1902 he established the Nier-Feuerh and company in his home town to produce kerosene lanterns. Carl's three sons Bruno, Curt and Woldemar Nier made the company into the largest lantern producer in the 1930s with Bruno Nier holding many patents for lamps.

Lantern production was interrupted by World War II and ceased at the end of 1944 because of the shortage of materials and the advancing Russian army. After the Second World War the company restart the lantern production in 1947 at Luedenscheid and Hohenlockstedt north of Hamburg and fully re-establishing the company in 1950.


A domestic item with an interesting history that now is sought after by collectors giving an insight into how hurricane kerosene lamps came into being from a manufacturer in Germany that held numerous patents for oil lamps from 1902 until 1940.

Physical description

Kerosene Lamp with handle, blue in colour, badly rusted. Lamp shade has lever to lift so you can light.

Inscriptions & markings

Marked "Feuerhand Nr 327" "Made in Germany".