Historical information

A rare photo of Legacy camp buildings at Stan Savige's property in Balnarring, plus other photos from camps and beach trips. The source is not known but John Bush is in several photos and was presumably a junior legatee that became part of a leadership group, such as the Intermediate Legacy Club (ILC).
They are a group of old sepia photos that have been reproduced.


A record of the initial buildings built at Balnarring and outings provided for Junior Legatees organised by Legacy.

Physical description

Reproductions of sepia photos of John Bush in the 1940s.

Inscriptions & markings

Labels on the back are handwritten in black pen.
02177.1 School house / Legacy Camps / 1945
02177.2 John Bush - 27 / Leader after WW2
02177.3 John Bush
02177.4 Digging trenches for rubbish / Somers 1947
02177.5 John Bush 1937