Historical information

The photograph is from the album of Ivy Child. The photograph is a side view of the homestead of Ted and Ethel Child. Ted is recorded as having a well established garden.

Ivy May Child (1910 – 1989) was the daughter of Arthur Edward (Ted) Child (1878 – 1964) and Ethel May Madden (1888 – 1970). Ted Child was the son of Matthew Francis Child (1839 – 1933) and Martha Jeeves (1857 – 1926). He was the grandson of one of the early pioneers Francis Child. Ivy grew up on the family property on Childs Road and took many photographs. Most of these are glued into her photo album. The album covered the years from c1927 – 1932. Ivy married Henry William Burgess (1906 – 1968) in 1944.
The photographs remain in their original state in the album with individual copies made.

Physical description

Sepia photograph with a tree in the centre and a wooden building to the left. Bushes are in front of the building. A cleared area with rows of planted trees is visible with bush in the distance.