Artists statement

12 apostles I researched daily temperatures taken from the Wangaratta aerodrome station -#82138- when it first operated in mid May 1987. This year is significant as the Wangaratta Art Gallery also opened in 1987. Noting the daily minimum and maximum temperatures, I drew a graph to show this information for each month on a plywood block forward for 12 months. On the reverse of each plywood block, I collected and drew a graph of the daily minimum and maximum from May 2014 backwards for 12 months. Using a steel nibbed pen with silver ink directly on the plywood block, the drawing relates the temperatures to the shape of the landscape. The title refers to the common usage, from the original classical Greek ‘apostolos’, meaning one who is sent away to convey messages- this one being the difference seen most acutely between the 2 faces of each plywood block separated by a quarter of a century in time.

Physical description

A contemporary sculpture made from plywood and silver ink that depicts graphs of weather readings, and a glass panel that displays the weather readings that corollate to the graph on the plywood panels.