Artists statement

When in the desert it is frightening to see a distant fire, even though you may not see the actual flames. As evening approaches the sky reflects anger and colour. The mesa is also reflecting some of the glow . I imagined it had been burnt already and some embers are still aglow in the evening light All fabrics used in this work are cotton commercial fabrics. My stitching has been done to accentuate the red reflection in the sky. Black rayon thread gives a certain sheen to the mesa with a dried grassy foreground. ‘Sky Series’ Changes are constantly taking place in the sky . I love the variety, colour and movement of the sky which are all a direct result of the clouds, sun and time of day. I certainly think about the sky much more when we are on Safari. The sky is a great indicator of the ever changing time of day and weather conditions …... fine and clear, cloudy, sunset, sunrise and storms. The artwork features a simple ‘mesa’ shape against the sky. A mesa is a flat topped hill. Which are part of the Australian Inland. The mesa I have featured is in recognition of Mt Connor in the Northern Territory.

Physical description

A embroidered textile depiction of an outback landscape scene during a fire featuring a colour palette of pinks, purples, and browns.