Physical description

A brown hardcover book with the title printed in black text, The Weekly Times Farmer's Handbook. Compiled from the Farmers' Information Bureau with the publisher The Herald Press in a square underneath. Price - 2/6 at the bottom. Three black lines decorate both sides and across the Publisher section. Ink stains on the front. The spine has the faded title written. An index is at the back, along with advertising for farming products and equipment. 240p. Stains and foxing on the edges of the pages are visible. Some damage to the spine top and bottom.

Publication type


Inscriptions & markings

Thomas Sebire "Mont de Lancey" Wandin Yallock 1935 is written in black ink at the top of the right front endpaper.


A handbook for farmer's compiled from articles from practical information from the Rural Section of the Weekly Times in Australia. It has informed generations of farmers on the way of the land, with useful tips and invaluable advice. Few farms would have been without a well-thumbed copy.