Historical information

Photographs of portraits of Mary Gaunt (nee Palmer) and Judge William Henry Gaunt, Parents of Mary Eliza Gaunt


These two photographs are rare depictions of members of the Gaunt Family, a family of historic influence in the Indigo Shire during the nineteenth century. Photographed are Judge William Henry Gaunt, a respected member of the community whose work in law and order in multiple roles gained him high esteem. Also photographed is his wife, Mary Gaunt, someone rarely depicted and little associated history outside the connection to her husband.

Physical description

Two portrait black and white photographs, female on the left and male on the right, in a single black frame with basic relief and white matte board. Paper overlay in top of frame with text

Inscriptions & markings

Mary Gaunt Judge William Henry Gaunt/
(nee Palmer)/
Parents of Mary Eliza Gaunt