Physical description

A brown stained and creased softcover textbook with the title on the front cover in black text, Intermediate Geometry and Trigonometry by Ling & McLachlan Volume 1. There is a patterned symbol for the publisher Macmillan & Co at the bottom of the cover. Inside is a Preface to Volume 1, a Contents page and many exercises, diagrams and full explanations of the work to be studied. Lance Sebire is written in ink at the top of the title page and on the back cover. The spine has brown tape. on the length of it. Several pencil markings are seen throughout. 155p.

Publication type


Inscriptions & markings

Lance Sebire is written in ink on the title page and on the back cover.


An Intermediate level Geometry and Trigonometry textbook for use in Australian schools. Part 1 outlines a course of work for beginners to obtain a knowledge of geometrical terms and figures and at the same time learn the more important facts shown later in the Theorems and in the methods of construction used in the Problems. It encourages students to be accurate in drawing and use of instruments. Exercise are for revision. 155p.