Physical description

A grey paperback textbook, Whitcombe's New federal Mathematics Grade VIII printed in black lettering at the top of the front cover with a scroll surrounding it. Specially written to meet the requirements of the Revised Course of Study in Victorian Schools is written below in a box with the publisher Whitcombe and Tombs Limited with the cities listed below. 1/9 price is in the bottom right hand corner. Inside the front cover is an advertisement for the New Federal Arithmetics in seven books, The inside back cover has Whitcombe's Vivid History Readers listed and on the ouside, Whitcombe's Human Geography Readers. Lance Sebire Wandin Yallock State School 1033 Mont De Lancey is written in blue ink on the front and in grey pencil on the title page. At the back on the inside cover at the right top is written in blue ink - How I spent my holidays. Exrecises, diagrams Equations and other Mathematical studies is seen throughout. Foxing, stains, dog eared pages and ink is seen on various pages. 176p.

Publication type



A non fiction textbook about Mathematics specially written to meet the requirements of the Revised Victorian Course of Study in Elementary Schools.