Historical information

Series consists of a large collection (over 1150) of negatives of scenes, activities and staff of the Shire of Eltham. Many of the films were taken for publicity purposes and necessarily cover a broad range of topics. The films or individual strips have been
organised into Scenes, Activities and Staff groupings, however there are many overlaps.

1) Scenes includes: Parks and Roads including Alistair Knox Park, Tree Planting, Trees and Flowers, general Shire Scenes. One of the Alistair Knox Park films also contains shots of the Shire President (John Graves?) in the Chambers wearing the Presidential Chain. 375 negatives.

2) Activities documented include: Fire Safety workshop and massage, Leisure Centre activities including pool construction, Living and Learning Centre, Pottery, Netball, Shire Offices, Elderly Citizens, Buildings, Youth Services, Sporting Facilities, Parklands, Community Arts, Childca re, Childrens Week Book Launch 23/ 10/1991 , Environment Week Launch 19/9/1991 , Childrens Services and Activities, Buy A Book Campaign Launch November 1990, Thelma Barkways' Birthday 1990, Engineering activities including Waste Collection, Building and Health Services activities including water testing, examples of new housing, blocks of land, letter box numbers. Also in this section are Shire Office and Handbook shots, nature shots including butterflies (Eltham Copper Butterfly?), wheelchairbound CEO Rodney Roscholler, Community Services Xmas Lunch 1991. 607

3) Staff including many groups and individuals to be identified, Rodney Roscholler, Thelma Barkway, Councillors, Shire President Pamela Sladden, Roma O'Callaghan, Irene in the Kitchen/Entertainment Area, also Farm Scenes. 169 negatives.

Physical description

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