Physical description

Front cover has an illustration showing two people, one carrying a rifle, a donkey and a large boa constrictor. In the background is a tree-house and a bay of water with a small boat floating in the water. The back cover has a list of Hamly Classic books and the details of the publisher of the book.

Publication type



The Swiss Family Robinson-father, mother and four young sons - are callously abandoned on a sinking ship near the rocky shore of an unknown land. the father, a man of unbounded energy and resourcefulness, makes a raft by means of which they ferry themselves and many useful goods to the shore. They establish a camp and are later able to salvage much of the cargo. Their first home, a tree-house, is later abandoned in favour of a cave which they convert into a permanent residence. their New Switzerland abounds in wild life and useful trees and plants, and they are able to lead a happy and diligent life farming, hunting, fishing and devising means of supplying all their household needs. Many years pass and the lads grow up strong and adventurous. At last the discovery of another castaway and the eventual arrival of a rescue ship set them the problem - to return to Europe or to remain in New Switzerland?