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Front cover has a photograph taken of one of the greens at the Marysville Community Golf Course. Back cover has a photograph of a red toadstool.

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Marysville Community Golf and Bowls Club Inc./ Before and After Black Saturday, February 7, 2009./ E. M. Amos
This book is dedicated to the memory of five members of the Marysville Community Golf/ and Bowls Club who tragically died in the Black Saturday Bushfire, February 7, 2009.
Colin Paul - Bowler/ Len Postlethwaite - Bowler/ Dalton Fiske - Junior Bowler/ James Liesfield - Junior Golfer - Matthew Liesfield - Junior Golfer
Acknowledgements/ I gratefully acknowledge the contribution of the photographers Beth Page, Rob Christie, Sue Hill, Judy Ennis and Rose Fletcher, who most generously made/ their works available for publication. My thanks to Katrina Dyer, from the Victorian Golf Association, who was able to unearth old Victorian Golf magazines. These/ publications provided valuable insights. Thank you, also, to Harry Whitely and Max Owen for their input relating to the early history of the Club. My thanks to Doug/ amd Judy Ennis who were able to guide me through the intricacies of creating a book on the computer and, in fact, doing most of the work! Thank you also to my/ friend, Eileen Slack, for her editorial assistance. Special thanks to Peter Thomson for graciously agreeing to write the foreword to this book./ I acknowledge the practical and heartfelt support of the broader golfing and bowls communities. We look forward to welcoming you back to the club to play./ Finally, I honour the inspiration of my two young golfing friends, Matthew and James Liesfield and remember the happy times we enjoyed together. You are often/ on my mind. I miss you both so much, since that fateful day claimed your young and vibrant lives./ Liz Amos. October, 2010.


This book was created to document through photographs, the history of the Marysville Community Golf and Bowls Club both before and after the Black Saturday Bushfire of 7th February, 2009.