Artists statement

Remembering the White Building, 2017 Clare McCracken As Cambodia rapidly urbanises, it is the urban poor that are forcibly removed from their homes to make way for shiny new apartment towers they cannot afford. In 2014 during a residency at the White Building, a medium-density slum in central Phnom Penh, Clare stitched pocket-sized cross-stitches of the ornate bricks of the building over the top of cross-stitch patterns of Angkor Wat. She gifted these tiny works to the residents she met - something they could take with them as a reminder of their community when it was demolished. In 2017, as the Cambodian government demolished the building, Clare created another series of the works: in memory of a community that had now been destroyed.

Physical description

A textile artwork that is made up of 4 cross stitch squares with each square a different colour and design.