Physical description

A badly damaged grey softcover textbook with the title, Whitcombe's New Federal Arithmetic Grade VI printed on a black lined scroll design with Specially written to meet the requirements of the Revised Victorian Course of Study in Elementary School in a box at the bottom along with the publisher symbol. Whitcombe & Tombs Limited Melbourne & Sydney and other cities is printed beneath. The price 1/3 is written in the right hand bottom corner. Inside are exercises, short problems, diagrams and lists of examples of work set out for the students. There are pencil and ink markings inside. On the back inside and outside the cover are advertisements for Whitcombe's Vivid History and Geography Readers. 132p.

Publication type


Inscriptions & markings

On front cover written in black ink - De Lancey Francis Sebire 12.8.1937. On the title page is written - De Lancey F. Sebire Aug 12th 1937. on the back inside cover there is - De Lancey F. Sebire Mont de Lancey Wandin Yallock S.S 1033 Aug. 12th 1937. Ink and pencil markings within the book.


An arithmetic book for Grade VI elementary students with exercises, problems, diagrams and revision for young students in Australia.