Historical information

The monument with time capsule was established by the Shire of Eltham Historical Society to commemorate Victoria’s 150th anniversary and mark the former location of the Eltham Town Centre, which existed along this section of Main Road, then known as Maria Street. The unveiling was conducted 10 November 1985 by Cr. Mary Grant (Shire President).

The monument was constructed with a concrete base and the main feature is an old tyring plate or disc. The Time Capsule Ceremony involved lowering the sealed time capsule into place, bolting down its container lid and then concreting over the lid.
The capsule contains items relating to present day (1985) Eltham and its people including a video film made by Joh Ebeli and also details of families and organizations who have contributed to construction of the monument. It is to be opened in the year 2035.

The Society received an excellent response from local people, firms and organizations by way of assistance with this project. Graham Beyer, who originated the project, arranged many of the donations. He and his firm, Package Handling Equipment, donated the time capsule itself and carried out fabrication of sections of the monument. The design of the monument was adapted by Graham Beyer from drawings by Joh Ebeli. Charmac Industries donated the container for the time capsule and a cast gun metal name plate for the monument. BMG Concrete donated concrete for the base which was constructed by Caridi Construction Company. Northbourne Garden Supplies donated materials for the paving around the monument.

Robert Becker from Eltham Apex directed construction of the paving by Society members. Terry Hutchinson donated the use of his crane to lift the tyring disc into place.

Financial contributions were also made by the Eltham Chamber of Commerce and the Rotary Club of Eltham.

In 1987 in commemoration of the Society’s 20th Anniversary, Joh Ebeli suggested the commissioning of a plaque to be added which explains the functions of the various items used in the Society’s Victorian 150th Anniversary Monument and this was unveiled by its designer, Joh Ebeli, on October 10, 1987.

Physical description

35mm colour positive transparency (1 of 28)
Mount - Kodak Kodachrome

Inscriptions & markings

Process Date MAR 89M