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H. H. Herbert was the Principal of the Ballarat Technical Art School.

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Dear Mr Tippett
Re Your Suggestions that I supply you with a record of the history of the Art School. To be placed on record which I think is very desirable & as I am the ony living man that can do so, I will be very please to do so now, before I get into my dotage.
I was one of the first students - when it was established by the Art-Gallery & was for 7 years the first and only assistant master - under Mr Carew-Smyth leaving for 5 years to take charge of the Sale Techl Art School for 5 years to take charge of Art School Ballarat, until my retirement in 1940. I think the history of the School will be a valuable & interesting record. I was responsible for getting the present building & the plan initiated by me was adopted and carried out by Col Watson of the Public Works Dept. My approach through the Ladies Art Assn to Sir Alexander Peacock resulted in him placing 80,000 on the estimates for the building of same. ...