Historical information

20th Eltham Community Festival and last under the auspices of the Shire of Eltham.
The Grand Parade focussing on the theme "Echoes of Eltham - Celebrating the visions of Eltrham from the past and into the future" was headed by Jock Read on his horse Lofty who had been filmed in an Anzac Day Parade on an earlier horse which had featured in the television show Matlock. The parade travelled north along Main Street to just past the Post Office then back south to Panther Place. Parade participants included 1st Eltham Brownies, 1st Eltham Venturers, 2nd Eltham Sea Scouts, 2nd Eltham Venturers, 3rd Eltham Brownies, Australian Democrats, Briar Hill Primary School, Circus Chaos, Country Fire Authority, Diamond Valley People for Disarmament, Diamond Valley Railway, Eltham Community Health Centre, Eltham District Horse and Pony Club, Eltham East Primary School, Eltham Fire Brigade, Eltham Junior Football Club (Panthers), Eltham Little Theatre, Eltham North Primary School, Eltham Playhouse Co-op, Eltham Pre-school, Eltham Roller Skating Club, Eltham South Pre-School Centre, Eltham Steam and Stationary Engine Society, Greenhills Neighbourhood House, Heidelberg Municipal Band, Hurstbridge Learning Co-op, Jocklebeary Farm, Kangaroo Ground Primary School, Learning Co-op Primary School, Lower Plenty Primary School, Main Road, Montmorency Gardening Club, Montmorency South Primary School, North Warrandyte Fire Brigade, Plenty Valley 88.6 FM, Research Pre-school, Research Primary School, Ron Sampson, Salvation Army Band (Briar Hill), Sherbourne Primary School, Shire of Eltham, State Emergency Service (Eltham) and Woodridge Pre-school. The parade commentary was provided by Plenty Valley FM 88.6 with guest commentator, Shire President Cr. John Graves.

Following the parade is video footage from a helicopter of Alistair Knox Park, displays along Main Road and activities in Alistair Knox Park and the Rugby oval along with stationary engines, helicopter joyrides, Eltham People's Choir, music entertainment. Scenes also from the Diamond Valley Railway at Eltham Lower Park and finishing with the fireworks display. At the end of the video is a promotional video for Dynavision Video Production, a local video production company that produced the video and Diamond Photos (Kodak Express).

One of the highlights of the festival was a tree planting ceremony in Alistair Knox Park to celebrate 123 years of the Shire of Eltham led by Shire President Cr. John Graves and representatives of the Wurrundjeri, traditional land owners of the area.

Physical description

VHS Video cassette (poor quality)
Converted to MP4 file format 45:01, 535MB