Physical description

A brown hardcover book with the title Manual of Injurious Insects and Methods of Prevention by E.A.Ormerod printed in black lettering on the front cover with a small decorative flourish in each corner and black lines around all edges. The spine has the title, author 5/- Second Edition printed in gold lettering. There is a black and white portrait of the author on the frontispiece opposite the title page protected by tissue paper. There is an Introductory Preface, Parts I, II and III followed by other facts and lists, Glossary, Index and includes many black and white illustrations of insects. Tanning to edges of pages is seen as well as some loose pages. 410p.

Publication type


Inscriptions & markings

Awarded to Thos Sebire Mont de Lancey Feb.1893 Exam Prize Dec - 1892 is written in grey pencil and black ink at the front. At the back inside the endpaper is written Thomas Sebire Mont De Lancey. Wandin Feb.1893. Prize at School of Horticulture Year 1892.


A manual of injurious insects and methods of prevention and remedy for their attacks to food crops, forest trees and fruit. It is a renowned English title used all around the world.