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One of a series of videos "Stories from the Nillumbik Shire with Geoff Paine"
Geoff Sandy, Parish Historian and Archivist gives a history of the church which was opened 12 December 1861. It is constructed of polychrome bricks (lots of different colours). References a long relationship of over 159 years between the church committee and the Eltham Hotel across the road for refeshments for church events. The land was donated by Henry Dendy, the founder of Brighton where he lived for five years before going bankrupt and moving to Eltham where he bought a steam powered flour mill on the banks of the Diamond Creek at the end of Pitt Street. The church is heritage protected as well as the 1870 parsonage, Dendy House. It was always meant to be a much bigger church and extended along the north wall. This was finally achieved in 2014. Shows views inside of the original section and the extension. Also discusses the original tall windows on the south with gold trimming and other windows with gold trimming. Some original windows have been replaced by stained glass. Discussion about the Patron Saint of the Church, Margaret of Scotland. The original window made for £1 by Yuri and Fergusson in Melbourne and possibly one of the first made in the Colony of Victoria was relocated to the north wall during the 2014 extension. The crucifix was made by Matcham Skipper. Also features the Honour Roll. The walls of the extension are mudbrick, timber from a variety of sources and very much in keeping of the character of Eltham. The bell and bell tower are original. At the end of the First World War the bell was rung so vigorously that the bell broke.

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