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Shire of Eltham Archives: Series 69, Item 4
This video was produced for the Shire of Eltham by IMP Productions and provides a description of the shire, 277 square km on a north/northeast axis, some 25 km northeast of the centre of Melbourne with a population of around 40,000.
Scenes include Yarra River, rural settings and urban settings, housing estates, Shillinglaw Cottage, Pigeon Bank at Kangaroo Ground, the Eltham Railway Trestle Bridge with reference to the fight by locals in the 1970s to save it from replacement, Montsalvat, mudbrick making and its use as a building material, the use of mudbrick in the Eltham Community Centre blending harmoniously with the environment. Emphasises people living in the area due to the qualities of life provided. Also the Living and Learning Centre, St Andrews Markets and other local markets, the Eltham Leisure Centre, cricket and horse riding at Eltham Lower Park, the Infant Welfare Centre (part of the Eltham War Memorial), how residents are mindful of protecting their historical heritage, the CBA bank and Allwood House at Hurstbridge, Tracey Naughton about the Eltham "As we are" Community Banner project and the “River of Life banner”, the Parks and Gardens office in the former Police Residence building (now the Local History Centre), Alistair Knox Park, road planning and types of roads, tree canopy, Peck's Dam, green carparks, road drainage, Gordon Ford's garden and natural landscapes, and Were Street shops in Montmorency. Planning for shopping facilities and carparks with a population of 40,000 growing to 55,000, Arthur Street Mall and carpark, local village feel in the shopping centre. Councillors and Council staff featured include Mary Grant, Bob Manuell, Rodney Roschellor, John Cohen, Alan Baker. Also scenes of Commercial Place, Diamond Valley Railway, Eltham Galley, Riverclay and canoeing on the Yarra intermingled with images of the shire from the Shire of Eltham Pioneers Photograph collection.

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