Artists statement

‘Relax, We’re Doing Great’ explores the mixedmessages and lottery of language we havebeen exposed to during COVID19. Sourcedfrom local and global leaders, warningsigns and public messages the text rangesfrom instructional to in-denial; to evenepidemiologically dangerous rhetoric.These works connect into the hand-made,digital and 24/7 news cycles - key copingmechanisms for fears and uncertainty - of thispandemic period. The power and importanceof language is highlighted when experienceden masse. The repetition of the layout of these works also allows for the creation of GIFs – mimicking the flickering of LED signage.

Historical information

Commissioned by Nillumbik Shire Council as part of the Art in the Time of Covid project which invited artists to create artworks that reflect the pandemic and the artists' personal experiences of it.