Physical description

A grey children's book with the title Ben Froggatt; or Little Lonesome printed in gold lettering on the front cover surrounded by black illustrations of plants, a highly patterned wide diagonal stripe with a circle at the bottom right showing inside it a boy looking at another boy lying on the ground. The back cover has a large black drawing of a plant. The spine has the title in gold at the top. There are some full page black and white illustrations and a list at the back of suggested books to read and give for Presentations. Some damage to pages and tanning. 151p.

Publication type


Inscriptions & markings

Written in black ink - Presented to Thomas Sebire by the United Methodist Sabbath School Wandin Yallock March 31st 1885 Thos. Hogg Superintendent.


A story about two young orphaned boys who have to make their way in the world. They have strong religious teachings from their grandmother and after she dies they struggle to survive. Through various hardships the main character Ben manages to make something of his simple life, marries a girl he adores and eventually is reunited with his long lost brother who has mended his ways.