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In the early 1880s the Ballarat School of Mines Council introduced a three year course of training under the professors to qualify students in the following professions:

1. Mining Engineering
2. Metallurgy
3. Geology
4. Electricity [45]
Each of these courses had an additional, but optional, fourth year of study. The prescribed subjects of study for an Associateship was set out in the Calendar of the Ballarat School of Mines in each year. Any student who passed the prescribed examinations in any of the above courses was issued with a Certificate of Competency, and conferred with the distinction of Associate.

By the 1890s the professorial staff had drawn up a curriculum leading to an Associateship of the Ballarat School of Mines. The first two years work was to be common to all courses, but in the third and subsequent years the student wold be devoted to a specialised branch of study. The Associateship was to be conferred in one of another of the following Courses: Agriculture, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, [Geology], Metallurgy and Mining Engineering. All were three year courses except for Agriculture which was two years. Each course was conducted in accordance with a prescribed curriculum and syllabus.

During the 1910s there was an expectation that candidates for the Associate course should have attained the age of sixteen, and have received preparatory training equivalent to University Matriculation at least in the subjects of Elementary Mathematics, English Grammar and Composition, or have passed through Junior Technical School.

In 1960 an new procedure for admission to graduate status as Associates was introduced to the Ballarat School of Mines where Associateship would be conferred at a public ceremony.

After 01 July 1976 graduates of Ballarat College of Advanced Education and Ballarat College of Advanced Education were admitted in major studies relating to mining for Australian accreditation and overseas purposes.

Ballarat School of Mines Associates could ascribe ASMB after their name.

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Black and white photograph of Associatedsof the Ballarat School of Mines from 1951-1957.

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