Historical information

A photo of the original Burke Library building between two medium sized trees, a lamp post sits between them and a large tree is behind the building. This photo was taken c1950/60s.


This photo is of both historical and social significance to the people and community of Beechworth because it shows the development of the Burke Museum from what it was in this picture, to what can be seen today. It also shows the Burke Museum's prominent architecture marking it as a particular point of interest within Beechworth. Along with the aspects of the building that the Burke museum is known for today, such as the façade and the central lamp post, all of which are significant to the town of Beechworth and its people.

Physical description

Black and white rectangular photograph printed on photographic paper.

Inscriptions & markings

Obverse: 1856 / Library
Reverse: Beechworth Library / 33 1/3% / Caldwell / 19 eu (illegible) / 11 eu (illegible) / 729 / 3 1/6 / BMM 8691 / S / T / E / T
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