Historical information

Written by hand in blue ink on a small piece of paper - Ribbon is pure gold thread. The buttons and stars are rolled gold. They were all brought from Germany by Auntie Hilda - made in her cousin's factory who supplied these for the German Army, (1st World War).

Physical description

A set of 1st World War German Military Uniform badges (10 star pins) and buttons (5) with a shank on the back made of rolled gold and a piece of ribbon made of pure gold thread. 3 buttons are smaller than the other two and all have engraving and military insignia which is difficult to read on the front and the back of each. One star is bigger than the other 9 and all have 5 points and lines on each point. They have a pin on the back.

Inscriptions & markings

The 5 buttons have an insignia on the front with a key and other markings. German writing is around the edges and back.