Historical information

Presumed worn by Mrs C.V Schooling as noted written on the piece of paper underneath the burgundy mount inside the case.

Physical description

A ladies watch with a purple patterned enamel surround, a white face and black roman numerals surrounded by tiny gold dots around the edge of the face. It has a metal grooved winder on the right of the face which moves the hands but the watch doesn't keep time. The wristband is brown leather with a Reg. No on the back and has a gold coloured buckle. Is is in its original lidded case - CYMA brand, although the brand is not written on the watch itself. The case has a purple label on the top lid with an illustration of a black and gold watch with gold roman numerals behind it. CYMA - on time all the time is written below. Inside the lid is the brand and a statement about the guarantee. It sits on a burgundy velvet mount. Underneath the mount is a handwritten message from the wearer stating that the watch doesn't keep time. On the bottom of the box is writing in grey pencil with many words indecipherable. Some ink words are seen.

Inscriptions & markings

CYMA - on time all the time is written on the top of the case lid. Inside the lid is written - CYMA - This Cyma watch is free from any defect of construction and is guaranteed to keep accurate time if not misused. On the small piece of paper under the burgundy mount is written - The watch was gaining 4 or 5 hours a day - then stopped, I do hope it can be made to go again - CVS, From Mrs C.V Schooling, Penshurst. On the back of the leather band is imprinted Reg No Victor 2