Artists statement

It's encouraging to see my city using poetry in such a public way. The park itself is a humble one, which suits these little poems perfectly. If you're ever in town come and take a seat for a while.

Historical information

The poem 'Little Bridge' by Nathan Curnow was commissioned as part of a placemaking project in Little Bridge Street Pocket Park, Ballarat in 2018. The Park was redesigned to include more passive surveillance, and improved amenity to increase community safety in the area. The poem is engraved onto seating to provide a rest and point of interest space in the small park.

Physical description

Six seats featuring an engraved poem

Inscriptions & markings

Put it all down and take a seat/ Pull out a snack from your shopping/ Listen to the trumpeter busking a tune/ With every visit this park is growing/

Killing time takes real devotion/ Stare at the flags and masts of your town/ And the buses come rolling down Bakery Hill/ It may be cold but we lean to the sun/

If you feel like a square of the Eureka flag/That’s hopelessly lost and tattered/ Remember you’re as precious as a corner-piece/ We search for you first to get started/

There is something big on Little Bridge/ Not a beanstalk that leads to a giant/ But another day in the life of Ballarat/ All of this gold at the surface