Historical information

In 2015 due to All Saints Cathedral being sold, the Bendigo soldiers Memorial Institute Military Museum expressed interest in having the 38th Battalion Colours relocated to the museum. Under the direction of RSM Ceremonial, the colours were ceremonially placed by 8/7 RVR members and dedicated by Bishop Peter Curnow on 31st July 2015. Custodians of the colours were representatives of the Bendigo and District RSL, the 38th Battalion Association and the Passchendaele Barracks Military Historical Society.

Physical description

.1) Rectangular banner representing the battalion colours with battle honours of the 38th Battalion on a green background. The battalion's battle honours are featured on eleven yellow ribbons with green embroidered lettering. Each ribbon is individually sewn onto the banner. In the centre are two concentric embroidered yellow circles. Inside the inner circle is the colour patch of the 38th Battalion. Between the inner and outer circles 'THIRTY EIGTH INFANTRY' has been embroidered. The centre piece is surrounded by a wreath featuring the flowers and leaves of the Golden Wattle. An embroidered King's crown is above the wreath. Red and Gold fringes feature on three edges of the banner. A sewn sleeve for a pike is on the right hand side.
.2) Union flag in King's colours configuration. Red and gold fringes feature on three sides. A sewn sleeve for a pike is on the left hand side. In the centre are two embroidered circles. The inner circle contains an embroidered '38'. Between the inner and outer circles the words 'THIRY EIUTH INFANTRY' are embroidered. An embroidered King's crown appears above the circles.